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Following Opportunity: The Sea Turtle, a Mohawk, and Podcasting
Over the summer, my family and I went on vacation down to Savannah, GA.  While we were there, I had to make a visit to one of my favorite Science centers.  What?  You don’t have a favorite Science center?   Well, I like this one, the Tybee Island Marine Science Center.  Who doesn’t have dreams of being a marine biologist?  This marine science center is a “catch and release” institute as they capture less fortunate animals, perhaps in need of rescue and rehabilitate them for life back in nature. The price the animals pay is to help educate the public…before going home.

I came to see my friend, Ike, a 3-year-old Loggerhead Sea turtle.  Ike was about to be released to the sea on September 23rd, 2023.  I have seen Ike many times and have an affinity for the little guy or girl, I guess it’s hard to tell and Ike didn’t share any pronouns just yet.  He was a straggler in the nest and the Science patrol found him and raised him up. Now he is ready to head out to the great blue, a little older, a little wiser and well, a lot bigger.  Here is a link to Ike’s news report.  Next up, a new turtle, Westie, gets a shot in the spotlight following in Ike’s footsteps or flipper steps as he grows up and gets a chance to educate the next wave of Marine Science Center visitors. 

IKE - Sea Turtle
Ike the Loggerhead Sea Turtle

After hanging with Ike, I was wandering around, taking in the sights and exhibits, checking out the aquariums by the glass offices.  If you’ve been there, I’m talking about the ones with the toad fish and horseshoe crabs, across from the jelly fish tank.  Then, I noticed a small group of folks in a conference around a table.  Something was going on behind the see-through office glass.  A brilliant blonde mohawk is what really caught my attention.  I noticed that the person attached to that mohawk was working an audio interface and directing 3 or 4 microphones in what appeared to be an interview.  Dee, as we will later get to know her, was engaged in coordinating a handful of other folks, talking about the Science Center and Ike the Sea Turtle.  They were recording a podcast!  

Marine science and a podcast!  I was in heaven.  Reading that statement over it sounds a bit nerdy.  But obviously, I love podcasts and my biology degree makes science one of my other passions.  

I wanted to learn more, but I couldn’t very well knock on the glass or wave, I’d interrupt the interview. Slightly discouraged, I continued my visit of the science center and my wife and girls, and I said our goodbyes to Ike, signed his card (yes, Ike had a graduation/good luck card) and wished him a good journey to the sea and left for lunch.  

Next stop was the North Beach Bar & Grill right next to the science center and it is there that my intentions manifested into opportunity.

My girls and I were finishing up lunch.  We highly recommend the North Beach Bar & Grill.  Fun atmosphere, great service, right next to the beach and the food was so much better than expected.  We will return and repeat.  Get the Key Lime Pie for dessert you won’t regret it.  Done with lunch and waiting for the bill, and in walks, well, the mohawk.  Dee Daniels, sports that awesome blonde mohawk and her partner Megan, (pronounced MEEGAN) shoulder length auburn/brunette curly hair.  She has the elegant appearance of a classic movie actress. Both demanded your attention as they walked in.  They sat up at the bar and there they were, right in front of me.  I don’t believe in coincidences anymore, so I knew the Universe was sending me a message and an opportunity.  I just had to be a little brave to take advantage of it and go talk to them.  

Next steps – make a plan, quick.  Don’t come off as creepy.  Be interesting.  Respectful.  Was this Intimidating?  Quite possibly?  

I kicked my girls under the table, so they would glance over, discretely, “look it’s the lady with the mohawk from the science center podcast.” 

My girls rolled their eyes and asked, already knowing the answer, “Are you gonna talk to them?”  They know me, too well, and informed me, “We’ll go wait down at the beach.”

“Hi, ladies, how you doin’?”  I did NOT approach them like Joey from Friends, but after a carefully thought-out approach, they made it easier than I could have imagined.

My intro, “Hi, can I interrupt and ask you a question?”  after I got the yes, confirmation.  “I saw you doing a podcast at the Science Center, and I was hoping to ask about your mobile setup.”  Somehow that worked and we all agreed that Podcasts are cool.  The Science center is cool.  Ike the Sea Turtle is awesome.  And the conversation just opened up from there.  

Such real people.  So easy to talk to.  As for me, I was brave, patient, set my intentions and it paid off. 

Dee said she was doing a couple of interviews coming up later that week and invited me to observe and shadow.  I jumped at that opportunity, after all, I was on vacation.

So, a couple of days later, I showed up at one of her “studios” which was a real estate agency in downtown Savannah that allowed her to do her thing - podcast interviews, sell real estate, promote the business, etc...  She had an efficient mobile setup and that’s what I really wanted to see.  I had lots of questions. What did her studio look like, what equipment and software did she have and use, how did she set it up and how did she conduct an interview.  

She was casual, yet comfortably professional.  The first thing I noticed, besides her spiky hair, was her voice.  It’s so engaged like a radio DJ, which isn’t so strange because that’s where she comes from, radio.  Dee was a DJ back in Virginia.  Her experience shined.  Her voice engaging and smooth.  She just led you on to the next point or topic like a tour guide, with “organic intention”.  I took notes.

Before the interview, she let me help setup and we went over her equipment and then the software that she used.  She had it down.  I was sold.  If I was a business that wanted help doing a podcast or to have a team do it for me, Dee Daniels Media is the way to go. 

Her interviewee, Jason Baggett showed up and brought his dog with him.  That might sound eccentric, but it seems like such a thing to do in Savannah, and it turned out to be appropriate for his interview.  He discussed living in Savannah and his involvement in many non-profit organizations.  Jason had a professional but casual demeanor, and his dog was there celebrating his gotchya day.  The dog, Holly, came up to me as if to say, hi.  That’s all I needed.  Dogs are good.  I’m a dog person.  If you are curious to hear Jason’s interview and hear Dee in action on her Made of Savannah podcast, click this link and check it out for yourself - https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-wbhud-14a58d1.   

The Master Dee at work on a podcast interview with Jason and Holly.

I learned a lot.  Affirmations and realizations gave me the need for more opportunities.  Dee and Megan listened to my Knowledge Action Success podcast and through a couple of conversations we decided to work together and make some music in the tune of a podcast interview of our own.  Stay tuned for that…I am setting up an interview with them so that you can get Dee and Megan’s story and find out their Formula for Success starting and growing their podcast consulting and media business.  I liked them, their attitude, and business model, so much that I signed up with them on their consulting and coaching package, setting my intentions so that they can empower me to make my podcast better.  I am so looking forward to that.

So, it took a sea turtle in a marine science center, an amazing mohawk to catch my attention, a podcast, and a chance encounter at a seaside bar, throw in a fair amount of bravery to get up and talk to these former strangers that turned out to be just wonderful people and it all manifested into an opportunity for a working business relationship and the start of a respectful friendship. Yep, they're kind of my podcast BFF's.

Dee, Steve and Megan
Dee, Me and Megan

I’m grateful.  I followed the path laid out in front of me and it led me to a fantastic podcast interview and a consulting opportunity for them and for me to learn and grow.  Thank you, Universe, for letting me recognize the hints and clues of opportunity and to help manifest them into reality.

So, audience, seek out those opportunities, recognize them, be brave and let your intentions guide you. 

I’d love to hear your stories of being brave and how you recognized and took advantage of opportunity when it showed up.  DM me, respond in the comments or send me an email to share your story.

~ All the best, Coach Steve

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KAS Blog

July 2023

I don’t know what happens when you reach 10,000 or 100,000 podcast downloads, I still have a ways to go for that, but after 1,000 downloads I’m feeling pretty good that I’m moving in the right direction. I still stop to evaluate and ask the questions; is this worth it, am I still offering value, are all my downloads from my sister, mom, cousin, and daughters?  Just kidding, I hope, but you have to appreciate family support. I look for reviews, but don’t always see them or listeners won’t always take the time to post, so it’s tough sometimes to get validation or affirmation that you are doing a good thing. 

What is exciting, though, is when folks that you don’t know very well or have everyday contact with, spontaneously bring up your work or product or podcast and tell you how it made a difference in their life. 

Yesterday, I was at a work event with my wife, and I saw some folks that I only see occasionally.  One guy, we’ve chatted up on a handful of occasions discussing similar music taste, kids, and cars (especially Audi’s), asked me if my wife told me that he had listened to my podcast.  "Really?" I said, "thank you. Which one did you listen to?"  He responded, "I listened to a bunch…."

"I listened to the one with Pam Bowerman – Empowered Woman and then that interview with your co-worker - Lance, I think.  He was the one that managed a team, it was the second part of, uh…"

"Intentions?" I interjected. 

"Yes, that one and your coaching episode on setting Intentions, that one really helped me."  He said.  

"I would think about things I had to do in the morning and then I’d be upset with myself that evening when I hadn't got any of those things done.'  

"You told me to write them down, write down my intentions and that made a huge difference.  Now I could see a list of my planned intentions for the day and that made it easier to prioritize and act as a reminder to do those things.  That has changed my life."

It's that kind of conversation where someone tells you of something that you have done that has positively influenced them and made a difference in their life, that gives me the affirmation that I am doing something of value.  Honestly, that's the best kind of review.  Thank you, for sharing. I love hearing stories like that.  You made my day, and you, leveled up. 

Much thanks and gratitude to all my listeners. 

~ Steve

   Knowledge Action Success, LLC

I want to invite you to check out the next What's Your Formula episode of the Knowledge Action Success podcast. This one I am so proud to publish. While we are waiting for the results of the Presidential election, we can bear witness to a true example of the American Dream. This one has it all…the entrepreneur’s journey, building a business from the ground up, a great family success story, honoring past legacy, and truly gaining Knowledge, taking Action and reaching Success. The Grandma Luckey’s story is truly amazing and inspirational. Follow this mother and daughter team as they share their formula for success. Pay close attention as Mary and Melissa give us valuable insight on taking a family recipe to market. If you ever wanted to sell your own amazing recipe's then this episode is for you. Their story can really make a huge difference for anyone trying to start out in the food business. What a great journey. Three generations deep and built from the garden up. Enjoy. Use the link to hit the KAS podcast website or look it up on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio and more. I would love your engagement, please drop me a positive review and leave some feedback. I need those to get into the rankings and keep moving forward and delivering you powerful content to help you gain Knowledge, take Action and make Success happen and, of course, discover and develop your Formula for Success. Thanks for listening and thanks, Mary and Melissa for such a great interview. Stay safe and make it happen. Much appreciated, Steve.

Here's a great podcast episode, recorded in the 15 Minutes of Fame series at TechTown, Detroit. It's on the shorter end (<15 min), I did with a great client of mine, Achsha, from Lunch Brake and now BrakeTime Tours Detroit. She's a great speaker, networker, motivator and influencer. Follow her and check out her blog. She wants to make a difference and help you out on the way. She's the kind of client a coach likes; a bit of a challenge, open to change, willing to see the bad and able to turn it into opportunity. A little challenged on acknowledging her successes, but that's what her coach is for. She's been great to work with for these past couple of years and her future is can only help build Detroit up. This is a story on how we met and how to pay attention and take action on opportunity and maybe even a little bit on the importance of investing in a good coach. Enjoy.

Website: https://www.lunchbrake.com/learn-more

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lunchbrakedetroit/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LunchBrakeBus/

Blog: https://abornagainhooligan.blogspot.com

I saw this quote today and it reminded me how important it is to teach and empower instead of just satisfy. Living life is breaking through the struggle, assessing and appreciating value and learning how to analyze and press on with new Knowledge and proper Action to reach your Success. Responsibility can be a great word and it breeds intention. TV and a lot of media today mock and dismiss responsibility keeping our kids fearful and trapped in a state of denial. Let's fight back with purpose and intention. It's a good thing to be responsible.

I want to invite you to check out the 2nd true episode of the Knowledge Action Success podcast and the 1st in the What's Your Formula series. This one is a great start, hopefully, introducing many of you to an alternative health care solution that is truly amazing and arguably older than our current popular allopathic health care options. Join me and Andrew Weaver as we discuss his formula for success with Vibrational Therapy. His story, along with his partner and wife, Bobbi Jo, is really scientifically interesting and compelling. Lot's of lessons to pick up from Andrew's story and an alternative health care service to reset your cells into remembering how to heal and vibrate at the correct frequency again. Use the link to hit the KAS podcast website or look it up on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio and more. I would love your listen, I would love your feedback, and I would love a positive review. I need those to get into the rankings and keep moving forward and delivering you powerful content to help you gain Knowledge, take Action and make Success happen and, of course, discover and develop your Formula for Success. Thanks for listening and thanks, Andrew for a great interview. Stay safe and make it happen. Much appreciated, Steve.🤘😎🤟

Find The New Earth Healing Center here - http://newearthhealingcenter.com #KnowledgeActionSuccess #TheNewEarthHealingCenter #AndrewWeaver #WhatsYourFormula

It's done. It's published. The true episode 1 in the, hopefully, long life of the Knowledge Action Success podcast. Please listen (15:30 min) and let me know what you think. I'm excited and I hope it gets you fired up, too. I would love for you to give it/me a thumbs up, maybe even subscribe and leave a positive comment. That's how podcasts survive and move up and thrive on iTunes and the other podcast platforms. See if you can look it up on iTunes by my name or Knowledge Action Success. I am also on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and IHeartRadio so take your pick. But I really need the reviews on iTunes to get started. I am hopeful to get a new episode out every Tuesday and already have a batch lined up. Thanks you are the best. Much appreciated, Steve.🤘😎🤟

Level Up 001 - The Formula for Success

Honored and privileged to be a speaker at the 2020 Detroit Startup Week with Knowledge Action Success. I’m excited to be a part of this year's virtual event and offer some great value in finding out how important your journey and the telling of your own story are to your life and your business. Doing my best to make a positive difference. There are so many interesting speakers, I can’t wait, so join me and register. If you can’t make it and there is a recording they can send you a link. You know I’d appreciate your time and support for my presentation. Hope to “virtually” see you there. #success #detroit #speaker #yourjourney #DetroitStartupWeek #KnowledgeActionSuccess

Had a fantastic interview last night with former MI native, now California rising star, Tommy Brunswick. Tommy's successes include running the show for the last 12 or 13 years at Motor City Nightmares, a horror movie con in Novi, MI which hosts in April. And her newest creation, Horror Vision 2020, a new virtual horror convention. I can't wait for you to hear this empowered woman's journey to LA. She is also an amazing coach for all of the brave folks who follow their dreams to make it in the movie business. If you aren't sure what your next move should be once you arrive, you need to reach out to her. All her details are on the contact page of the link below. I'm fired up. I've got to get this baby edited so you can hear it. https://www.motorcitynightmares.com #EmpoweredWomenfromMI #motorcitynightmares #KASPodcast #WhatsYourFormula #Success

Had a great opportunity to see Caryn Wells, PhD last night for part 2 of her Mindful Parenting lecture. Great information. Key take aways were to be present and focused, talk to your child, ASK how they feel and where they feel their anxiety and frustrations manifest. Continue to ask, is it important and why? Take an internal emotional temperature check. Confront fear - “name it to tame it.” Dealing with adversity, becoming resilient. Be and think gratitude. Statistics show that kids who can appreciate even the little things and be grateful for them live more positively and have an increase sense of well-being. Good stuff. Check out her website for lectures and workshops and her books. Best yet, she’s local to Rochester and she’s making a difference. Thanks Caryn.

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