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What’s Your Formula 003 - Jenny McCardel Council At-Large Running for Office

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Knowledge Action Success presents What’s Your Formula? 2021 episode 3 – Running for Office with Jenny McCardell Council At-Large.

The election results are in and this year’s election was on fire, almost literally!  So, if the election results have got you fired up and you feel the need to get your voice heard, whether your candidate won or lost, today’s episode is for you.  I get to share the story of one brave mom’s journey into the political arena, building a following from the ground up, prospering on the support of her family and friends, honoring the legacy that is our law and constitution in this great country, and truly gaining Knowledge, taking Action and reaching Success.

Jenny McCardell’s story is truly amazing and inspirational.  Join me as I interview this mother, self-proclaimed rebel, and Council Person at-Large. Jenny shares her formula for success and gives us valuable insight on what it takes to run for office.  If you ever wanted to get your voice heard and be a community leader then this episode has great value for you.  Her story can really make a huge difference for anyone starting out in politics.  What a great journey and with the craziness of our most recent election results, maybe Jenny’s story will be the spark that sets you out pursuing your own politically driven formula for success.  Enjoy.

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Originally recorded January 26th, 2019 at a local library.

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