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What’s Your Formula 005 - Tommy Brunswick Empress of Motor City Nightmare

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Knowledge Action Success presents a ‘What’s Your Formula” episode  featuring a value packed interview with her majesty the Empress of Motor City Nightmares, Tommy Brunswick.  Tommy is an incredibly empowered woman, horror film producer and director and host of Detroit’s own Motor City Nightmares, an annual Horror Expo and International Film Festival on its 13th year.  

Her interview is fantastic and it's clear that she is the hero of her own story.  She gives us her all and takes us down her road of success, devastation, vulnerability and her true heroes journey.  She is following her passion as a horror film actress, producer and director and host of Detroit’s own Motor City Nightmares and Horror Vision 2020.

Originally recorded January 19, 2020 via Zoom.

I hope you find some real value in this episode or at least a seed for you to think about and let grow.  If you do enjoy the podcast, I'd love to have you as a listener and supporter and be able to continue to deliver life changing content.  So, please join me; listen and subscribe, this way you’ll get the latest discussions and interviews on finding that formula for success.  I hope you will confidently leave this podcast a “like” and send some genuine positive feedback and comments my way, so that I can continue to grow and make this the best podcast possible.  If you have suggestions or a success story that you want to share feel free to reach out to me at podcast@knowledgeactionsuccess.com.  If you still want more, you can also follow me on your favorite social media platform including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  Check out the main website at www.knowledgeactionsuccess.com and get access to all of the podcasts, books, on-line curriculum, coaching programs and tons of other resources.

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