Pursuing the Formula for Success

Grandma Luckey's Dressing
Posted by Steve McClain on November 5, 2020

I want to invite you to check out the next What's Your Formula episode of the Knowledge Action Success podcast. This one I am so proud to publish. While we are waiting for the results of the Presidential election, we can bear witness to a true example of the American Dream. This one has it all…the entrepreneur’s journey, building a business from the ground up, a great family success story, honoring past legacy, and truly gaining Knowledge, taking Action and reaching Success. The Grandma Luckey’s story is truly amazing and inspirational. Follow this mother and daughter team as they share their formula for success. Pay close attention as Mary and Melissa give us valuable insight on taking a family recipe to market. If you ever wanted to sell your own amazing recipe's then this episode is for you. Their story can really make a huge difference for anyone trying to start out in the food business. What a great journey. Three generations deep and built from the garden up. Enjoy. Use the link to hit the KAS podcast website or look it up on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio and more. I would love your engagement, please drop me a positive review and leave some feedback. I need those to get into the rankings and keep moving forward and delivering you powerful content to help you gain Knowledge, take Action and make Success happen and, of course, discover and develop your Formula for Success. Thanks for listening and thanks, Mary and Melissa for such a great interview. Stay safe and make it happen. Much appreciated, Steve.

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