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Lunch Brake by TechTown Detroit
Posted by Steve McClain on November 2, 2020

Here's a great podcast episode, recorded in the 15 Minutes of Fame series at TechTown, Detroit. It's on the shorter end (<15 min), I did with a great client of mine, Achsha, from Lunch Brake and now BrakeTime Tours Detroit. She's a great speaker, networker, motivator and influencer. Follow her and check out her blog. She wants to make a difference and help you out on the way. She's the kind of client a coach likes; a bit of a challenge, open to change, willing to see the bad and able to turn it into opportunity. A little challenged on acknowledging her successes, but that's what her coach is for. She's been great to work with for these past couple of years and her future is can only help build Detroit up. This is a story on how we met and how to pay attention and take action on opportunity and maybe even a little bit on the importance of investing in a good coach. Enjoy.

Website: https://www.lunchbrake.com/learn-more

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lunchbrakedetroit/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LunchBrakeBus/

Blog: https://abornagainhooligan.blogspot.com

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