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Gratitude 1000
Posted by Steve McClain on July 27, 2023

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July 2023

I don’t know what happens when you reach 10,000 or 100,000 podcast downloads, I still have a ways to go for that, but after 1,000 downloads I’m feeling pretty good that I’m moving in the right direction. I still stop to evaluate and ask the questions; is this worth it, am I still offering value, are all my downloads from my sister, mom, cousin, and daughters?  Just kidding, I hope, but you have to appreciate family support. I look for reviews, but don’t always see them or listeners won’t always take the time to post, so it’s tough sometimes to get validation or affirmation that you are doing a good thing. 

What is exciting, though, is when folks that you don’t know very well or have everyday contact with, spontaneously bring up your work or product or podcast and tell you how it made a difference in their life. 

Yesterday, I was at a work event with my wife, and I saw some folks that I only see occasionally.  One guy, we’ve chatted up on a handful of occasions discussing similar music taste, kids, and cars (especially Audi’s), asked me if my wife told me that he had listened to my podcast.  "Really?" I said, "thank you. Which one did you listen to?"  He responded, "I listened to a bunch…."

"I listened to the one with Pam Bowerman – Empowered Woman and then that interview with your co-worker - Lance, I think.  He was the one that managed a team, it was the second part of, uh…"

"Intentions?" I interjected. 

"Yes, that one and your coaching episode on setting Intentions, that one really helped me."  He said.  

"I would think about things I had to do in the morning and then I’d be upset with myself that evening when I hadn't got any of those things done.'  

"You told me to write them down, write down my intentions and that made a huge difference.  Now I could see a list of my planned intentions for the day and that made it easier to prioritize and act as a reminder to do those things.  That has changed my life."

It's that kind of conversation where someone tells you of something that you have done that has positively influenced them and made a difference in their life, that gives me the affirmation that I am doing something of value.  Honestly, that's the best kind of review.  Thank you, for sharing. I love hearing stories like that.  You made my day, and you, leveled up. 

Much thanks and gratitude to all my listeners. 

~ Steve

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